apple cider vinegar shampoo vegan

apple cider vinegar shampoo vegan


all natural shampoo bar ,,just wet hair rub on lather and rince and enjoy the benefits of natural hair care. 

great product for traveling no spillage in lugag, takes less space

apple cider vinegar: dark brown
patchouli shampoo: orange
tea tree shampoo: light brown
Eucalyptus/peppermint shampoo: green
  • benefits of shampoo bars

    Benefits of shampoo bars
       Because it's gentler, using a shampoo bar allows your hair to retain 
    color and moisture while reducing the instances of dry scalp and especially oily scalp. 
    Removing SLS/SLES from your hair care
              they are FABULOUS if you travel, They are also very cost effective because 
    they last for months and only cost a fraction of what you'd spend in shampoo during 
    that time!ine really allows your hair to rebalance and produce adequate amounts of oils
    how to use
       Wet your hair then rub the shampoo bar through your hair a few times. 
    Then, message/lather your hair . Rinse your hair thoroughly. 
    You can let the lather sit on your hair for a while , or rinse immediately. 
    A word of warning: lather in your eyes will sting it is soap!!,
     In the event of a problem, flush your eyes with clean water.
    Rince with 1/3 acv and 2/3 water it will feel like straw until your brush and dry